SEIx4 Xmas

A modern fairy tale in an urban itinerary to discover the places and history of Milan’s Lodi/Libia and XXII March districts

SEIx4_Xmas is a creative audio guide, its special route is a journey between present, past and future: the neighbourhoods of Municipio 4 will be the ideal location for a Christmas story, with a look at the arrival of the new year and a new beginning.

By scrolling through the virtual map, participants will be led through the Lodi/Libia and XXII March neighbourhoods by means of an audio narration: a true artistic experience that conveys historical information and content by linking notions and emotions.

At the end of each stage, you will be able to discover the next one: between one street and the next, you may come across an Xmas gift… what will be the surprise inside?


SEIx4_Xmas is available on izi.Travel platform click here to participate


A project by ZONA K with the artistic collaboration of Minima Theatralia; texts Federica Di Rosa; narration voices, music, audio editing and song by Duperdu_Marta M.Marangoni and Fabio Wolf; video shooting and editing Davide Stecconi; graphics Stefano Orfeo Montagnana; artistic coordination, organisation and communication by ZONA K

The SEIx4_Xmas project was created in response to the public notice for the realisation of cultural initiatives in collaboration with Municipality 4 in December 2020.