Gob Squad (DE/UK)

Featuring Fanny Alexander.

“Be yourself, be honest with yourself, follow your dreams and reach for the stars”. This is the mantra of a generation that prizes individualism as the ultimate expression of freedom. But who is this “self” you think you are? How did you become who you think you are? What makes you, really you? And what happens when we venture outside the concept of ‘uniqueness’?

Gob Squad takes the audience through twenty years of work, made up of collective processes, big ideas, videos and soundtracks, and in doing so leaves the stage, blends in with the audience creating shifts of identities and bodies. As the audience gets involved the collective identity develops through a playful and experimental perspective.

Using a technique Gob Squad calls ‘remote acting’, the show begins with a conventional lecture and ends as a moving meditation on the nature of the self. It is an experience that balances curiosity, courage, risk-taking, and the relationship between childhood freedom and shared responsibility for everything that happens.

The Milan version is performed by Marco Cavalcoli and Andrea Argentieri for Fanny & Alexander


Concept Gob Squad Concept Johanna Freiburg, Sean Patten, Sharon Smith, Berit Stumpf, Sarah Thom, Bastian Trost, Simon Will Sound Jeff McGrory, Martin Cooper Video Sarah Harrison, Sean Patten Production Management Eva Hartmann UK Producer Ayla Suveren Interns Valeria Germain Production Gob Squad With the support of Senatsverwaltung for Science, Research and Culture Berlin and The Arts Council of England Photos Jean-Philippe Offord/ Cartel Photos