Bluemotion (IT)

Caffettiera Blu is a borderline disruptive exploration of theatrical language, ironically and painfully delving into family dynamics and the anguish of waiting and lying. The family relationship as deception and psychological torture is in our history as sons, daughters and parents, always and without escape.

The choice of placing a table in the centre as the only meeting place for the stories, and around it – on the four sides – the seated audience, including actresses and actors, is intended to nail us down in the obsessive voyeurism that the family bond continually imposes. The convergence of gazes on that table, the risk of crossing that of one of the actors or one of the spectators, stiffens the trajectory of looking, initially. Instead, we find ourselves abandoned and spying shortly afterwards.

So close up we see elements of realistic verisimilitude and others fantastically absurd alternating and confusing. The emotional laceration is confused with the process of deformation or explosion of the word, of vision, of the system of signs through which we mediate the world.

Caffettiera blu, based on the text of the same name by Caryl Churchill, questions the sovereignty of the text itself and reaffirms that of the actor and actress.

Director Giorgina Pi with Sylvia De Fanti, Gian Marco Di Lecce, Mauro Milone, Aglaia Mora, Laura Pizzirani, Simona Senzacqua voice-over Marco Cavalcoli costumes Gianluca Falaschi lights Giorgina Pi/Marco Guarrera sound dimension Valerio Vigliar sounds Michele Boreggi a BLUEMOTION/ANGELO MAI production with the support of SARDEGNA TEATRO within NON NORMALE, NON RASSICURANTE. CARYL CHURCHILL PROJECT curated by Paola Bono


Bluemotion is a group born in Rome within the artistic and political experience of Angelo Mai, winner of the Ubu Franco Quadri Prize 2016. Performers, directors, musicians and visual artists come together to create from their own suggestions, comparing their views on the present and on art. Bluemotion’s works are always collective creations, the result of the exchange and visions of the group’s members. Bluemotion creates, lives and shares in the independent art space Angelo Mai. The artists of Bluemotion are also activists in the field of human rights and the rights of workers in the performing arts.