In the 2020 Theatre Season REALITY of ZONA K the multi-award winning German collective Rimini Protokoll will bring the truck to Milan that in 2006 was transformed into an audience on wheels capable of transporting 50 spectators through the city: seated on one side, they will look through a large window the urban reality that will become a stage.

During the residency at Casa degli Artisti, which took place between May and September 2019, five selected artists developed a project for the truck around the theme of night work together with Rimini Protokoll.

The truck will transport spectators through the suburbs of the city and will focus the spotlights on what normally moves in the dark and in the invisible. Who works at night? How? Who pays? The submerged economy or the backbone and the backstage of the most brilliant day performances? What places host the jobs that begin when others stop and the jobs that have no beginning or an end?



A ZONA K production in collaboration con Casa degli Artisti

c/o places in the city

Info: spettacolo itinerante per 50 spectators • in Italian

Standard ticket: 20 € – Students/under 26/over 65/gruppi: 15 €

Part of the subscription shows





Helgard HaugStefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel founded the theatre-label Rimini Protokoll in 2000 and have since worked in different constellations under this name. With their work they look for new perspectives on the reality.

Work by work they have expanded the means of the theatre to create a poetic and unique style, that revolutionised contemporary European theatre. Rimini Protokoll often develops their stage-works, scenic interventions, performative installations and audio plays together with experts who have gained their knowledge and skills beyond the theatre. Furthermore, they like to transpose rooms or social structures into theatrical formats. Many of their works feature interactivity and a playful use of technology.
Rimini Protokoll has been awarded with numerous important prizes, such as the Mülheimer Dramatikerpreis for “Karl Marx: Das Kapital, Erster Band”, the German theatre award Faust, the Grand Prix Theatre from the Swiss Federal Office for Culture, the European Theatre Award, the Silver Lion at the Theatre Biennale in Venice, and the German Audio Play Award and the War Blinded Audio Play Prize.