Freely inspired by the world of Gianni Rodari.

The show is also suitable for an audience of children and young people.
From 6 years of age.

A show inspired by the world of Gianni Rodari, full of intelligent stories that taste of joy, fantasy and freedom. 7 telephones scattered in the space to call and answer to be told a story. 7 voices that tell Gianni Rodari’s fairy tales live. 7 spectators at a time who can pick up the phone and listen to the hidden switchboard operators: actors-narrators from the most diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, who tell stories and converse with listeners in all the languages of our city.

The project Favole al telefono (Tales on the phone) was born from the meeting of two main elements of Bluemotion’s research. The first concerns the construction of performative and visual devices that facilitate and investigate the sphere of communication between two individuals. The second is a reflection on storytelling as a gift, on its capacity to be an instrument of listening and dialogue.

For Bluemotion, the device is the instrument needed to create a rite. A secular rite, certainly, but one that can offer the possibility of feeling part of a community mechanism. In the case of Fables on the Telephone, the medium is the corded telephone, which has fallen into disuse years ago, as has the limitation of moving in a small space during a telephone conversation. This spatial constraint causes a sense of loss, but also of intimacy. Of loneliness, but also of wonder.

It is a brief experience of a telephone conversation with an unknown person. And what you hear is a fairy tale. The uncluttered, shadowy space houses the chaotic array of fairy tales hidden behind the handset, protecting the secret that binds two people talking on the phone without knowing each other. And in this small mysterious encounter the fairy tales become cartographies of lives, rites of passage, notes of the fantastic.

conceived and directed by Giorgina Pi; soundscape Valerio Vigliar; a production by Angelo Mai – Bluemotion
with Sara Benvenuto, Elettra Capuano, Gianluca De Rubertis, Gian Marco Di Lecce, Mauro Milone, Giorgina Pi, Laura Pizzirani, Sofia Vigliar, Valerio Vigliar, Rodrigo D’Erasmo + Roberto Dell’Era of Afterhours and Enrico Gabrielli of Calibro 35


Bluemotion is a group born in 2008 in Rome within the artistic and political experience of Angelo Mai. Performers, directors, musicians and visual artists come together to create from their own suggestions, comparing their views on the present and on art. The works of Bluemotion are always collective creations, the result of the exchange and visions of the members of the group.