con visioni in corto

A special selection of short films by young German authors from the latest editions of the MilanoFilmFestival.

In collaboration with MilanoFilmFestival.

Consumption obligatory € 7,00


Bow Tie Duty For Squareheads (Fliegenpflicht für Quadratköpfe)
Stephan-Flint Müller, DEU, 2005, miniDV, 13
My life in Berlin, with all my hobbies and an introduction to all my friends. But there are
But there are also hats that weigh 10 tons and posters that fart.

From Here to Eternity
Oliver Pietsch, DEU, 2010, HD, 40
If death is the biggest taboo that cinema has dissolved, the afterlife is pure imagination.
staged in the most diverse ways, from Murnau to Tim Burton. Berlin-based artist Pietsch has collected and edited
Pietsch, a Berlin-based artist, has collected and edited a thousand sequences, grouped by ingenious associations: murders,
disease and natural disasters; punishment, limbo and forgiveness. From Edwin S. Porter onwards, editing has become God.
from Edwin S. Porter onwards, editing has become God, and From Here to Eternity is a stunning mortuary celebration.

Paul Leyton , DEU, 2000, super8 , 8
Death? A man has an accident at work: while some colleagues take him away, he begins to think about the meaning of life and death, through memories, fantasies and nightmares.

Under Ground (Unter der erde)
Christian Moris Müller, DEU, 2002, 35mm, 9 min.
Unter der Erde is a film without words. An attempt to transcend and make invisible the barriers between different realities.

What Would the Drop Know About That? (Was weiss der Tropfen davon?)
Jan Zabeil, DEU, 2007, 16mm, 12″.
An atmospheric approach to the Reichstag Building, seat of the German Parliament, through the eyes of two young cleaners.

Twelve and a Half Minutes (Zwölf 1/2 Minuten)
Joschua Douma, DEU, 2003, Betacam, 14 min.
The average member of our (German) society is male, 38 years old and gets up at 8:15 a.m. On a normal day he will do normal things that will lead him to ask himself a lot of questions every evening about his existence. To do this he usually has 12½ minutes once he goes to bed before falling asleep.

The Surprise (Die Überraschung)
Lancelot von Naso, DEU, 2004, 35mm, 10
A film about the unexpected. Often there is a very subtle difference, or a very small gap, between comedy and tragedy. Olaf wants to win back his ex-girlfriend and sneaks into her flat to prepare a surprise for her. But will he succeed in making her happy? And who will be surprised in the end?

Energy! (Energie!)
Thorsten Fleisch, DEU, 2007, miniDV, 5
From a purely technical point of view, the screen is animated by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. To make Energie!, a photographic film was exposed to a discharge of about 30,000 volts and then re-edited to create new visual systems of electron organisation.

Lovesick (Liebeskrank)
Spela Cadez, DEU/SVN, 2007, 35mm, 8 min.
A pain in the heart, tears that never dry and turned heads that are difficult to deal with, but fortunately not incurable…

Kulturpalast Wedding and Hannah Goldstein


KLEISTER organises photo exhibitions in public space. Invited photographers meet in the designated place and paste their chosen photos directly onto the wall. The exhibition remains out in the open, available to everyone, and is transformed by time and the interventions of passers-by, until the sun and rain completely erase the images.

KLEISTER brings photography to the street and supports young artists and new creative networks. It is a photographic project born in Berlin from the collaboration between Hannah Goldstein and Katja Haustein.

Curated by Kulturpalast Wedding and Hannah Goldstein

Dittatura e democrazia all’epoca dell’estremo

The 2014 marks the commemoration of three significant historical events: 100 years ago the First World War broke out, 75 years ago the Second World War and 25 years ago the Berlin Wall fell.

The Federal Foundation for the Analysis of the Dictatorship of the Unified Socialist Party, in cooperation with the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich and the radio programme ‘Deutschlandradio Kultur’, conceived the exhibition ‘Dictatorship and Democracy in the Age of the Extreme. Illustration on the history of Europe in the 20th century’ (‘Diktatur und Demokratie im Zeitalter der Extreme. Streiflichter auf die Geschichte Europas im 20. Jahrhundert’). With 190 photographs from countless European archives, the exhibition illustrates the dramatic history of the 20th century in Europe, lived between freedom and tyranny, between democracy and dictatorship.

In collaboration with the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Milan.