Emergency food kit for theatre addicted

Razione K was the food ration of American soldiers during World War II.

For us, the RAZIONE K is almost like a small but substantial survival ration, “light and compact”. It is about doing and giving what is necessary to stay alive but dosing resources and energy. It is calibrating our strengths and weights, to be really ready to start again in the light of the changes that every event of this magnitude brings with it.

It is a change of pace with respect to the past, the sign of an intermediate year between a before, very clear and defined, and an after still to be written. On the one hand, it is a transitional year that brings to a close projects that have already begun but have not yet been presented to the public. On the other hand, it presents new ideas, following up on the peculiarities that have distinguished us over the years: audience participation, urban performance, attention to the present and research into new languages in the field of live performance.

There are no more focuses but a part 1 and a part 2. Continuing the metaphor of Razione K: a lunch and a dinner, a first course and a second course, a box 1 and a box 2. A first part that is concentrated from April to July and a second part that starts again in September and includes the autumn/winter until the end of 2021.

The desire to reiterate the importance of sharing projects and ideas with other realities of the artistic and cultural scene in Milan remains firm. Never as in the past year and in the current one has the need for relations, perspective exchanges and comparison on the future been so important.This confirms the collaboration with DANAE/Teatro delle Moire, Olinda/Da vicino nessuno è normale, IntercettAzioni, BASE, Stratagemmi, the Cooperativa Sociale Stripes, Terzo Paesaggio.

On a national level, ZONA K is a partner of In-Situ Italia, a cultural consortium for art in public space created together with Indisciplinarte of Terni in collaboration with BASE Milan, Sardegna Teatro of Cagliari and Pergine Festival in Trentino. “In-Situ Italia” gathers the Italian partners of “In-Situ”, the European platform created in 2003 and which today counts 19 partners from 13 countries. In the four-year period 2020-2024, the Italian consortium will promote the networking of skills and resources, collaborating within the European project “(Un)Common Spaces”.

Moreover, from this year ZONA K is among the new partners who have joined the Call for Digital Residencies conceived and promoted by Centro di Residenza della Toscana (Armunia – CapoTrave/Kilowatt), in partnership with Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali AMAT, the Cooperative Anghiari Dance Hub, ATCL Lazio for Spazio Rossellini, the Centre of Residency Emilia-Romagna (L’Arboreto Teatro Dimora di Mondaino – La Corte Ospitale), the Luzzati Foundation Teatro della Tosse in Genoa.



BOX 1 APRIL – JULY 2021                             BOX 2 SEPTEMBER – DECEMBER 2021