Can music lead a revolution?

This is what happened in Egypt in 2011, when rappers were the first to take to Tharir Square to support the protests with their music.

Among them were Arabian Knightz, whose “Rebel” became one of the symbols of Egypt’s rebellion against the Mubarak regime.

Discussions will be held with photographer Gianmarco Maraviglia, who portrayed the Egyptian underground and hip hop movement, Emanuela Mirabelli, curator of the exhibition, journalist and documentary filmmaker Christian Elia and Arabian Knightz, for the first time in Italy.

Following – Showcase ARABIAN KNIGHTZ

ARABIAN KNIGHTZ, backed by the legendary Fredwreck – producer of Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Shakira – have played with Paul McCartney, Sean Paul, Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) and Africa Express. They have carried Arab hip hop to the international stage while keeping their roots firmly in Egyptian culture.

ARABIAN KNIGHTZ, Egypt’s most famous and controversial hip hop group, author of “Rebel”, Tahrir Square’s anthem, arrive for the first time in Italy in an unmissable concert together with JUNIOR SPREA, thanks to the collaboration between ZONA K and LEONCAVALLO.

Preview of the first unmissable Italian concert by Egypt’s most famous and controversial hip hop group, c/o LEONCAVALLO SPA- Spazio Pubblico Autogestito, on 7 May at 11pm.

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A focus dedicated to the civil commitment of small and great social revolutions, to those who in the past and today have believed or still believe that things can be radically changed.  At the same time a focus that looks at experiments in artistic languages that may contain revolutionary elements.

A photographic exhibition recounting the underground movement that led to the Arab Spring of 2011.
A meeting-concert with its direct witnesses.
A review of two young companies that, in the many difficulties of this country, struggle to emerge, but with tenacious will make their revolution continuing to invest energy and money in their art making.


6 May 2015 h. 18.30

Arabian Knightz, Gianmarco Maraviglia, Emanuela Mirabelli, Chicco Elia

to follow

Showcase Arabian Knightz c/o Leoncavallo


06 – 21 May 2015 h. 10.00/19.00
Gianmarco Maraviglia/Echo Photo Journalism
curated by Emanuela Mirabelli
[photographic exhibition]

07 – 08 May 2015 h. 21.00
Woodstock Teatro


12 – 13 May 2015 h. 21.00
Compagnia Stradevarie