Marta Dalla Via (IT)

Opera Rap for Andrea Pazienza show that with a great sense of rhythm, deals with the confrontation between two generations: those of the disputes on the street, and those of the digital and social square. A tribute to the linguistic palette of Paz that paints with words, scenes of heroin, bullets and free radio’s. Opera Rap embellished with the verses of four young artists coming from the world of freestyle.

Pentothal is one of Andrea Pazienza’s graphic alter-ego’s, but it is also a drug that free’s your inhibitions. The rappers on the stage are like that: they don’t accept censorship. But the pentothal can also be the fatal injection gives to the senteced to death. It is the amnesia of the rest of the world, the reduction of the cultural immune defenses.


In Italian


A Dalla Via Brothers project. By and with Marta Dalla Via and Omar Faedo (Moova), Simone Meneguzzo (DJ MS), Michele Seclì (LETHAL V), Alessio Sulis (REBUS). Technical direction Roberto Di Fresco. Sets and costumes Roberto Di Fresco. A Piccionaia Centro di Produzione Teatrale production + Fratelli Dalla Via + Gold Leaves and Festival delle Colline Torinesi. The show premiered in June 2017 at Festival delle Colline Torinesi.