Claudio Tolcachir (AR)

For the first time in Italy, Próximo, the latest creation by Claudio Tolcachir, founder of the Timbre4 Company of Buenos Aires, considered the most interesting director and playwright in contemporary theatre.

Próximo tells the story of a long-distance love affair experienced by two young people who in reality never meet, but only talk to each other and see each other through PCs and smartphones. One is Spanish, from Madrid; the other Argentinean, from Australia. The audience becomes witnesses of the birth and construction of this love, made of words, silences and emotions filtered through a technological device. The show therefore recounts the experience of being far from everything but, at the same time, that of living the most intense emotions of a life without a physical presence, births, deaths, love, sex. And it investigates all the possibilities and limits of a relationship built on skype connection in times of hyper-communication where talking about love seems to be an act of resistance.

On Friday 22nd November, after the performance, Claudio Tolcachir and the company meet the audience in a chat moderated by Sara Chiappori (La Repubblica).

A ZONA K and Teatro Franco Parenti project


Theatrical performance in Spanish with Italian subtitles
c/o Franco Parenti Theatre, via Pierlombardo 14 Milan


text and direction Claudio Tolcachir with Santi Marín, Lautaro Perotti lights Ricardo Sica scenes Sofia Vicini costumes Cinthia Guerra organisation Teatro TIMBRe 4 production Jonathan Zak, Maxime Seuge