Woodstock Teatro


7 - 8 May 2015
h. 21.00

Theatrical performance freely inspired by the writings of Irish playwright Brendan Behan

SPRING BOY is a 16-year-old Irish boy arrested in Liverpool with a suitcase full of explosives ready to blow up the court. His name is Brendan Behan.

He will become one of the most important playwrights in Ireland and in the world, the storyteller of a humanity that loses in the face of law and power, with which it never ceases to clash. One actor plays several characters. Three stage servants compose a visual and sound universe with live projections and live processed sounds.

Woodstock Teatro is a company from Venice, born in 2013. It is composed by the director-dramatist Marco Gnaccolini, the set designer Alessandra Dolce and the light-video-sound designer Matteo Moglianesi, all graduated in Theatre Science and Techniques – IUAV Venice.

Conception, scenic writing, light, sound & video design, animators, objects and stage servants: Alessandra Dolce, Marco Gnaccolini Matteo Moglianesi;
actor: Michele Scarlatti;
dramaturgy: Marco Gnaccolini;
set and equipment design: Alessandra Dolce;
direction: Marco Gnaccolini

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