Anna Rispoli / Martina Angelotti (IT)


20 - 21 July 2021
h. 21.00

Launched as a research project on sharing and mutualized practices, A Certain Value immerses itself in the radical, artistic and human experiences of four European collectives of different practices: a group of inmates in the women’s prison, families of migrants and unaccompanied minors living in an occupied building, art who share a single bank account, eco-activist children from public schools or home schooling projects, worried about the fate of the planet… All these new voices collected in Rennes, Marseille, Brussels or Budapest have given birth to a hybrid form, where real conversations are edited into a fictional dialogue between the different collectives, inviting the public to slip into the shoes of the protagonists in a interactive script.

By reading out loud the protagonists of A Certain Value, the audience will have the opportunity to hear the plurality of forms that mutual aid can take, to ask themselves key questions about sharing and possibly to borrow the point for an evening of view of this “unknown” who lives the urgency to build a radical alternative to individualistic solitude, or this other that reinvents the powerful meaning of sharing every day.

ACV was created by Anna Rispoli, an artist and activist, and Martina Angelotti, an art curator, then converted into a dramaturgical text with the help of Celine Estenne, an author and performer.

The performance lands in Milan thanks to the design relationship between ZONA K and BASE Milano.


Info: participatory performance for a maximum of 30 people – duration 90 min.  – in Italian

A project by ZONE K and BASE Milan

In collaboration with and c/o BASE Milan, Via Bergognone, 34


concept and research: Anna Rispoli and Martina Angelotti with the testimonies of the inhabitants of Squat 59 St-Just, of the Common Wallet group, of the inmates of the Centre Pénitentiaire pour Femmes de Rennes, of the Italian Community of Genk, of the children of the Pirmaria School °°° and of the Mars Program Private Learning Group of Budapest writing: Anna Rispoli and Céline Estenne dramaturgy: Céline Estenne scenography Canedicoda design: Luca Coppola/AUT Design Collective producer and tour manager: Marine Thévenet executive production: CIFAS residency partners: C-TAKT Dommelhof/Genk, Lieux Publics/Marseille, Les Tombées de la Nuit/ Rennes, CIFAS/Brussels, PLACC/Budapest co-producers: Atelier 231 (FR), Festival di Terni (IT), Freedom Festival (UK), La Strada Graz (AT), Lieux publics, pôle européen et centre national de créa- tion en espace public (FR), Norfolk & Norwich Fes- tival (UK), Østfold kulturutvikling (NO), Oerol Festival (NL), Theater op de Markt (BE), UZ Arts (UK).

A pilot project of the IN SITU platform, A certain value received support for creation within the ACT project, co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Anna Rispoli: Italian artist, lives in Brussels, works on the border between artistic practice and activism, exploring through performance the triangulation between human beings – city – identity.
Martina Angelotti: curator and art critic, she works on interdisciplinary art projects, between public and participatory art, moving image and performance, in Italy and all over Europe.
Céline Estenne: actress, playwright, co-author, assistant director and performer. She is conducting a research cycle on the issue of work entitled Travail Passion, the first part of which, “We had good teeth”, is a transgenerational participatory project.



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