BÜRGERBÜHNE – La scena dei cittadini

14 - 15 October 2023 h 17.00


Participatory show | duration 120 min

At condominium of viale Lombardia 65, Milan

Free participation
Obligatory booking on biglietti@zonak.it

10+1. “ Alla ricerca della pubblica felicità” (On the search for the public happiness) is a parcipitatory theatrical performance idealised and realised together with a group of citizens which took part at the BÜRGERBÜHNE theatrical laboratory – La scena dei cittadini (the citizen’s scene)

10 rooms, 10 themes, 10 questions which need to urgently dealt with and told through a performative action in the interior of the condominium on viale Lombardia 65.

The public is suggested to observe and listen but most of all to respond and act. Is it possible to find the collective happiness? And how? Through stories real and imaginary, games and provocations, reality and fiction we move towards the inside of a path which won’t be equivalent for everyone. 

17 citizens- a class representative of the city- make themselves authors and actors to bring to stage, with irony, their point of view of Milan. 

A Zona K project direction and dramaturgy Federica Di Rosa of and with Massimo Amati, Fiorenza Auriemma, Eleonora Bedon, Isabella Fazio, Maria Teresa Gimelli, Paolo Grulla, Fabio Lastella, Ele- na Lerra, Mattia Martini, Cristina Meneguzzo, Sara Pennati, Giovanna Piccardo, Emanuela Sitzia, Irmtraut Tonndorf, Arianna Tuzzolino, Xina Veronese, Alessandro Zemella laboratory conducted by Federica Di Rosa with the support of Leda Peccatori


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