Paul Plamper


12 - 17 March 2015
h. 11.00 - 17.00

ZONA K proposes a 6-day seminar dedicated to the practice of radio drama with Paul Plamper, director and author of innovative radio dramas of great success in Germany.
Starting from the choice of a strong and compelling theme such as “Immigration – between the political and the performative”, Plamper will accompany participants in the research, selection and collection of sound materials (including direct interviews with immigrants and refugees), in the development of ideas and projects, in the setting up of possible subjects and hypotheses of semi-documentary or fictional radio plays.
The aim of the seminar is to stimulate reflection, to provide research tools and to sharpen the ability to recognise and develop stories and material suitable for narration and “only” listening.

The seminar is addressed to technicians or sound artists, directors, authors, writers, journalists, social workers/educators and actors interested in radio drama techniques.

Knowledge of English is required.
The seminar takes place for 6 consecutive days in ZONA K and in the locations chosen for the interviews, from 11.00 to 17.00.
Limited places available. Participation is FREE after selection.

Paul Plamper, born in 1972, is an author and director of radio plays and lives in Berlin. He made his debut in theatre as assistant director at the Berliner Ensemble, where he went on to direct plays such as “Projekt RAF”, based on the letters of RAF prisoners, and “Artaud erinnert sich an Hitler und das romanische Café”, starring Martin Wuttke. With ‘Der Auftrag’ he staged the first Turkish production of a text by Heiner-Müller for the National Theatre in Istanbul. He has produced numerous award-winning radio plays for the WDR radio station, such as “Top Hit leicht gemacht” (Prix Europa 2002), the prison documentary project “Release” and a series of radio plays on the theme of silence, which were then turned into sound installations for the Ludwig Museum and the ZKM in Karlsruhe: “Ruhe 1” (Hörspielpreis 2008), “Tacet” (2010) and “Stille Nacht” (2013). With the radio play ‘Der Kauf’ (2013) he won the ARD award. Plamper also curated the radio drama series “Die Hörspielzentrale” at the HAU theatre in Berlin and founded and runs the online platform

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