Marcella Vanzo / Gogmagog


19 - 21 January 2015
h. 21.00

QUEI 2 = Marcella Vanzo x Gogmagog.

Adam and Eve, reality and fiction, myth and rubbish.
2010: Gogmagog collaborate on Rumors, a performance by Marcella Vanzo for ZoomFestival at Teatro Studio in Scandicci.
2013: Vanzo writes QUEI 2 for them, inspired by Mark Twain’s Diary of Adam and Eve.
Relationship of a couple, ironic, fast, contemporary, on stage.

Ridiculous everyday, Twain and the myth, incisive and funny present.
Eden = 1980s TV: host and diva play a game between Eve’s exuberant femininity and Adam’s hardened reasoning, continually interrupted by passing animals.

Earth = banal, battered, everyday place. Adam, yes, accepts the love in the couple, but he cannot understand the disconcerting presence of a child.

QUEI 2 combines the company’s strong acting skills with the imagination of an artist who investigates the different dimensions of the human being: from the mythical to the social, from the political to the emotional.

QUEI 2 mixes reality and fiction, reflecting a fantastic present and ironising on the idiosyncrasies between male and female, nature and culture, mythical and everyday.

QUEI 2 lasts 50 minutes.

text and scenes by Marcella Vanzo, freely inspired by Mark Twain’s Diary of Adam and Eve; with: Cristina Abati, Carlo Salvador, Carlo Gambaro, direction Marcella Vanzo and GOGMAGOG, lights Antonella Colella
production GOGMAGOG, with the contribution of Regione Toscana-Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo and the support of Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro, Teatro Metastasio Stabile della Toscana, Teatro Studio Krypton

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