February - December 2018

Where is the POWER today? For a long time, the axiom that power and status come from knowledge and education and so access to knowledge was a road of social emancipation was regarded as true. Today, on the contrary, not-knowing has become a new status to show off.

So, where is the POWER? In populist politics? In the people that crave to be seen? Is identical cities? In the methods of dis-information.

In a world that is always more interconnected, without big and ideal revolutions, we ask ourselves how to reverse presumptions and overcome preconceptions.

Whilst doing this, we look at political power, that of the relationship between individuals, between citizens and cities, between information and media, searching for the positive force made up of action, democracy, surprise and understanding.

POWER is the theme of the theatre season 2018, made up of four focuses POLITICS,PEOPLE,CITIES and MEDIA, where each focus is accompanied by international artists and young Italian artists, in a layout that start with the theme and then constructs a vision around it.

POWER for us is this and more. It is a declaration of intent. It is the determination to go forward, with our feet still archored to the present. It the will to act, declare, think and question. It is the freedom of choice.

In the last few years, we have put on stage some important, courageous and powerful decisions, investing in the public and on our `theatre-non-theatre` anomaly. Today we confirm these choices that we have made and we relaunch them: attention to the contemporary world, on lookout for international groups, space for new Italian groups and mainly a network with various artistic and cultural realities, institutional or niche, Italian or foreign, but always on our wave-length.

So we confirm our connection with Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, with Teatro delle Moire/Danae Festival, with Olinda /TeatroLaCucina and with Stanze – and new important collaborations with Teatro Franco Parenti and the FIT Festival di Lugano, mare culturale urbano and Stratagemmi_Prospettive Teatrali


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