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Valentina Kastlunger lives and works as a director, producer and organiser between Milano and Alto Adige, where she was born. She has studied and worked with, amongst others, Gabriele Vacis, Renata Molinari, Gianpiero Solari, Vincenzo Cerami, Claudia Hamm, Paul Plamper, Martin Wuttke, the companies Teatro dell’Argine and Arditodesio. Her directions have been presented at the Teatro Comunale di Bolzano, at the sala Cuminetti di Trento, at the Piccolo Regio di Torni, at the Sala Uno di Roma, at the Teatro Verdi di Milano, in the Scena Prima reviews and Teatri 90 di Milano. In Alto Adige she collaborates as a freelance director with the local RAI TV and founded the centre of production ErehwoN with which she has curated various theatrical directions, videos and training courses. She has been curating the artistic direction of the Festival internazionale di teatro Val Badia aterteater for four years. In 2009 she is co-founder of the cultural association ZONA K, where she manages the homonym space and all its activities.

Valentina Picariello, classical studies. In the degree of modern literature she follows a brief but intense experience with the Centro per gli Studi di Politica Estera e Opinione Pubblica dell’Università Statale di Milano (Centre for the Studies of Foreign Politics and Public Opinion at Milan State University). In 1998 she enters in publishing as an editor for Encarta, Microsoft’s multimedia encyclopedia. After 10 years, and some collaborations with event and communication companies, she accepts the challenge of forever friend Valentina Kastlunger and together they give life to the ZONA K project.

Silvia Orlandi, aka Fiamma (flame) has published with Fiamma Fumana: 1.0 (1999 Mescal) – Home (2003 Mescal/Omnium) and as Fiamma: Contatto (2002 Mescal) touring through Europe, the United States of America and Canada. She has collaborated with DJ Santos and the ex partners CCCP Massimo Zamboni and Gianni Maroccolo, with the Modena City Ramblers and Banda Osiris. Abandoned the pseudonym she continued the collaborations with D. Rad, Mauro Pagani, Ismael band, L’Arcano Patavino. Part of the theatrical collective “VETROSI”, she brings the theatre show “La donna che guarda le stelle” (The woman that looks at the stars) around dedicated to Federico Aldrovandi’s story.

The photos of the ZonaK space are by
Andrea Martiradonna,

Fabiano Cocozza

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