Dreams Come True, Hichmoul Pilon, anthropie, collettivo Siamo ovunque


2 December 2022 h. 20.00

Ottieni il biglietto

A participatory performance in which the audience reads aloud the testimonies from anti-fascists, feminists, anti-capitalists, anti-racists, anti-specialists, hackers, and people fighting for the rights of migrants, against all forms of social oppression, for the rights of LGBTQIA+ people, against ecocides, for the rights of sex workers, against police violence, for the rights of undocumented immigrants, for self-determination and empowerment of all workers, against job insecurity, against the current prison system and for Zone to Defend.

The project was conceived during a tour in Hong Kong in 2019, where where one of the promoters of the project mets some protesters of the pro-democracy movement: within 20 years Hong Kong will be entirely Chinese and their freedom of expression is rapidly diminishing. From their stories came the desire to share aspects of political engagement: the act of courage, which gives the strength to fight your way out of an oppressive or precarious situation, and the tools, tactics and practical advice useful to all activists, here or elsewhere.

Siamo Ovunque is a collection of emotional and inspirational resources: activists’ stories, tactics, tools and strategies, recorded as written texts or transcribed from oral histories to form an archive of contemporary activism.

info participatory performance ● in Italian ● duration 120 min.

c/o ZONA K – admission with prior 2022 membership

A project conceived and produced by: Dreams Come True, Hichmoul Pilon, anthropie; with the contributions of: Many anonymous persons; Collettivo Bida; Jupiter; Raffa; Rete appenninica femminista; Samba; Asia Usb – Associazione inquilini e abitanti – Unione sindacale di base; Una militante del collettivo R con documenti svizzeri; Craaazi – Centro di ricerca e archivio autonomo transfemministaqueer°; “Alessandro Zijno”; D(i)ritti alla Città – Rete per gli spazi pubblici dismessi ; Debs; Elena & Rina; Franco Sicilia; Flores Magón; Centro di documentazione dei movimenti “Francesco Lorusso – Carlo Giuliani”; Csi – Centro di salute internazionale e interculturale; Osa* – Opposizione studentesca d’alternativa; Viola; Militant* di Extinction Rebellion in Svizzera; El.; Vincenza Perilli; Mars on Pluto; Mujeres libres Bologna; Vivaietto; Collettiva Elettronika; Mattia Robertiello (on going); Administrative Direction  Creative Production, Touring: Marine Magnin; Communication: Charlotte Terrapon; Tour Production: Colette Raess; Publishing house: Abrüpt; Coproduction: Le Grütli, Geneva ; République Ephémère, Geneva ; l’Abri, Geneva ; Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau ; Santarcangelo Festival; With the support of: Pro Helvetia – Swiss Art Council, Office fédéral de la culture and République et Canton de Genève; Ville de Genève ; Loterie Romande; Fondation Ernst Göhner ; Migros pour-cent culturel; Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’écriture et la littérature ; Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes SIS ; CORODIS.

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