OHT | Office for a Human Theatre (IT)

Performance n°3

5th - 7th October 2018
h 20.00



“Lo spazio siderale per indagare lo spazio dei desideri”


Fiora and Chiara are training to become astronauts and face what is, to all intents and purposes, a space odyssey. The inability to assert themselves is latent in their every gesture and word, yet they do not give up and fight to conquer their portion of space.
It is their total lack of cynicism that turns an aseptic photographic studio into sidereal space.

Starting with Mercury 13, the failed American plan to send thirteen women into space, the show investigates the emotional consequences of not having the opportunity to do what you want to do. Oscillating in this impasse, the show puts the two would-be astronauts in dialogue with John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jerrie Cobb (the first failed astronaut) and the only strike that took place in space.

With Project Mercury, OHT continues its Performance Series inspired by Richard Sennett’s sociological research on the emotional waste caused by one’s working condition. The first performance (Self-Portrait with Two Friends) deals with failure in a private space. The second (Weaknesses) turns on the exposure of one’s weaknesses in a public place. Finally, the third (Project Mercury) revolves around the absence of privilege in sidereal space.

c/o ZONA K
In Italian – Duration 50 min.


Idea, regia, scenografia Filippo Andreatta di e con Chiara Caimmi, Fiora Blasi drammaturgia Filippo Andreatta e Charles Adrian Gillott esperto spaziale Paolo Giuseppe Bianchi costumi Andrea Ravieli  direttore palcoscenico Massimiliano Rassu costruzione pedana Giovanni Marocco produzione Laura Marinelli una produzione OHT con il supporto di Fondazione Caritro, PAT residenza artistica Centrale Fies, Residenze IDRA, Teatro Cantiere Florida


OHT | Office for a Human Theatre was born in 2008, after winning Nuove Sensibilità, national award for young directors at Napoli Teatro Festival Italia, it has obtained Italian and international collaborations with the most prestigious European cultural institutes and important cultural institutions in the world. Finally, Centrale Fies and MART museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto are frequent partners.

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