Mariano Pensotti/Grupo Marea (AR)


12 - 14 May 2022 h. 20.00


El Público (Buenos Aires), The Audience (Athens) and The Public/Het Publiek (Brussels) are three films about a theatre audience and the city they live in. They are also three plays that we only know through the narration of the spectators. The starting point of the three films is the same: there is an audience going to see a performance in a theatre. The audience takes their seats before the performance starts, they read the programme, they chat.

The show starts but we do not see it.

There is an ellipsis. We see the audience leaving the theatre immediately after the end of the performance. Apparently the play they saw was incredible, an extremely complex performance about a real story hidden in the recent history of the city. All the spectators are moved by what they saw.

We follow some people leaving the theatre. We will see the stories of these 11 people during the 24 hours after they have seen the performance and to what extent what they have seen has influenced their lives. Each story is a short film.

The personal stories of the audience are very different and have a variety of conflicts, there are some stories with a strong plot and others that are more focused on everyday life. But at some point everyone talks to another person about the play they have seen and we have not. They all tell a different scene from the play. By following their stories and listening to their narration of the play, the real audience can reconstruct the play that the fictitious audience has seen.

What are the stories of the people who go together to see a play? How much are their lives transformed by that experience? To what extent is what they have seen modified by their memories? What is it like to become a character in your own city? What is the effect of transforming the audience into protagonists?



12 May THE AUDIENCE – length 80 min
13 May EL PUBLICO – length 90 min
14 May HET PUBLIEK – length 80 min

in collaboration with Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa

film info ● in original language with subtitles

c/o ZONA K – free entrance with 2022 membership required 24 hours before the event, click here, do it now

booking recommended: – 393.8767162


Written and Directed by Mariano Pensotti Art Director Mariana Tirantte Music Diego Vainer Cinematography/DOP María Soledad Rodríguez Artistic Production Florencia Wasser Assistant Director Agustín Gagliardi.
THE AUDIENCE was commissioned and produced by Onassis Stegi.
EL PUBLICO is a co-production between Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires and Grupo Marea.
HET PUBLIEK was commissioned by Kunstenfestivaldesarts in co-production with Wrong Men, Théâtre des Martyrs and Shelter prod.


Mariano Pensotti (Buenos Aires, 1973) studied cinema, visual arts and theatre. His performances have been presented in Argentina and in major international festivals around the world. He has received numerous prizes and awards including: the Rozenmacher, Clarin and F Prizes; and grants from Unesco-Aschberg, Rockefeller Foundation, Fundación Antorchas and Casa de América de Madrid. He founded Grupo Marea together with set designer Mariana Tirantte, musician Diego Vainer and producer Florencia Wasser.


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