Created together with a group of students from ITAS Giulio Natta in Milan, The Last Days Before Mars imagines the last minutes on Earth and what we are willing to sacrifice for our dear, sweet, beautiful dying planet.

The Last Minutes Before Mars is a live performance, which includes 360° video, about the exquisite ennui of life on Earth as we speed towards a terrifying future.

It is a criticism of those who suggest that the future of humanity depends on its diffusion throughout the universe. According to the Mammalians it is unlikely that solutions to terrestrial problems can be found on distant planets with hostile conditions. The current obsession with the colonisation of Mars is considered a panic-stricken response to the difficult problems humanity faces on earth: climate change, a collapsing ecosystem and the fact that many scientists believe that we are in the midst of another mass extinction of life on Earth, etc. But rather than trying to overcome our problems and probably produce a whole new set of even more difficult problems, it might be better to settle down and understand how to “terraform” the earth, making it a more hospitable habitat for humans and all others lives we rely on. Why make Mars more like Earth when there is the task of making Earth more like Earth?

NATIONAL PREMIERE for the Theatre Season 2020 REALITY



A project by ZONA K and FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts.

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c/o ZONA K

Info: multimedia performance

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Membership card 2020: €2,00

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Director & Concept: Darren O’Donnell, Co-Director & Video Director: Konstantin Bock, Co-devising team: Darren O’Donnell, Konstantin Bock, Alice Fleming, Tina Fance, Chiara Prodi, Sorcha Gibbson, Kiera O’Brien, Thule Van Den Dam, Sara Guttadauro, Sara Ben Hamouda, Andrada Ciccotto, Fjoralba Qerimaj, Jerwin Mostiero, Morena Marra, Genny De Leon, Elisa Fasiello, Mervin Fajardo, Performed by: Sara Guttadauro, Sara Ben Hamouda, Andrada Ciccotto, Fjoralba Qerimaj, Jerwin Mostiero, Morena Marra, Genny De Leon, Elisa Fasiello, Mervin Fajardo, Producers: Tina Fance, Chiara Prodi, Alice Fleming, Set Design: Sorcha Gibson, Music Composition: Isola, 360 Expert: Fi Nicholson, Co-produced by: ZONA K and FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts, Thanks to: Stephen O’Connel, Fi Nicholson, Letizia Gozzini from Itas Giulio Natta, Development support from the Australian Council for the Arts and the Goethe Insitute Toronto, The performance is supported by the Canada Council of the Arts


Mammalian Diving Reflex is a Toronto-based company known for its intellectually stimulating performance. Founded in 1993 under the artistic direction of the writer and director Darren O’Donnell, Mammalian Diving Reflex reflects on the private and social dimension of language, thought and information. The company has produced various projects in Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, the United States, Ireland, England and many other European countries. Their projects include Diplomatic Immunities, pppeeeaaaccceee, The Children’s Choice Awards, Who Shot Jacques Lacan?, Dare Night, Slow Dance with Teacher, Nightwalks with Teenagers, and Haircuts by Children. The company’s artistic style recognises a performative dimension in every daily gesture and explores aesthetics and society, creating unusual alliances between the world of art and that of young people. Mammalian Diving Reflex’s research takes the form of performances, collective experiences, theoretical texts and happenings.

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