Dario Buccino – Ensemble HN


18 - 19 March 2016
h. 21.00

But true is an initiatory journey into sound, the body and the here and now. The performance is based on the HN® System, a musical system invented by Dario Buccino to capture the forces that animate the musical experience. HN stands for hic et nunc.

The four musicians use the voice, a clarinet and four Lamiera HN®, musical instruments inspired by the so-called slab of thunder, the machine for sound effects used in the theatre since the eighteenth century. The Lamiera HN is not a thunder slab but a real musical instrument, played using a performance technique that involves the performer’s entire body and is capable of producing sounds that are at times very delicate and enveloping, at other times so powerful that the audience can feel the movement of air caused by the vibrations of the steel sheet.

The vocal techniques used in the performance took years to be devised and perfected by the composer and performers, and contribute to creating an unprecedented world of sound without the need for any amplification or electronic processing.

The composition is structured according to formal and energetic principles derived from the techniques of Nō theatre, the ancient Japanese art form based on deeply stylised body movements and essential, intense singing.

Ma vero’s audience, seated or lying on mats, is surrounded by the four HN sheets and immersed in almost complete darkness. The experience of silence and sound comes to involve the listener’s entire body as well, guiding his or her mind beyond the ordinary states of consciousness.

The performance was performed regularly for ten consecutive years, until 2006, becoming a cult appointment for the audience, often forced to wait years before seeing their turn on the long waiting list.

“Playing Ma vero is an experience that changes everything. I was part of its creation, sewn by Buccino on us elective performers. It was Ma vero that taught me to do my own thing. I’ll be back to play it, it’s time.” Enrico “Der Maurer” Gabrielli (Vinicio Capossela, Afterhours, PJ Harvey)


Ensemble HN. Dario Buccino: Lamiera HN, voice; Marco Crescimanno: Lamiera HN, voice; Renato Gatto Lamiera HN, voice; Emiliano Turazzi: Lamiera HN, clarinet


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