IntercettAzioni is the Center of Artistic Residency of Regione Lombardia and was founded in 2018 to offer artists working in different disciplines, from dance to theater, from contemporary circus to music, the opportunity to develop their research and creative action in spaces, times and ways useful to enhance the artistic process with a constant openness to comparison, both with other artists and with operators and professionals of the sector active at local, national and international level.

IntercettAzioni is the result of the synergy between some significant realities of the world of live performance operating in Lombardy and supported by MiBACT: Circuito CLAPS, leader of the Center and Lombard engine for the dissemination of dance, circus, theater and music, Milano Musica that promotes contemporary music research, Teatro delle Moire, a company that also directs the international festival Danae, ZONA K, a center that has always been attentive to the underground ferment and participated theater, Industria Scenica young reality marked to explore the languages of innovation.

The activity of the residency center is realized with the contribution of Regione Lombardia, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e per il Turismo and Fondazione Cariplo.



The Residency Center intends

give artists a place to reside and experiment with new paths, not necessarily with a productive perspective in the short term;
offer companies opportunities for exchange and study with experienced professionals;
offer the possibility to realize open rehearsals, open to the public the materials of study;

–> Each residence is “sewn” on the real needs of the hosted company, in accordance with the creation phase of the moment (study, conception, experimentation, creation, technical verification, production, etc.).

For TRAMPOLINO PROJECTS, the Residency Center provides resources, technique, tutoring, consulting and visibility.
For COMPANIES ALREADY RECOGNIZED it does not offer a training plan, but a co-design and executive co-production on site-specifics.



1. Support multidisciplinary creative and compositional experiences
The multifaceted nature of the members and of the artistic programs allows to alternate residencies of dance, music, contemporary circus and physical theater and to give life to encounters between different professions and creativity.

2. Reaching new audiences and making the moment of residence accessible
The opening of some moments of the creative processes hosted sees the presence of students of one or more high schools in the area, which at the end can dialogue with the artist.

3.Promoting the exchange between performing arts and music practices
Dance confronts video, music confronts circus, theater confronts movement: transversality involves the mode of creation. The action is addressed both to artists who are distant from this modus operandi, and to those who are already used to integrate different disciplines in their works.

4.Encourage international exchanges as a strategy for promoting contemporary creativity
Artists in residence are offered the opportunity to meet tutors of great experience in the field and other Italian and foreign performers. It is intended to promote the exchange of best practices and cultures, related to the creation of live performances.

5. Supporting the training of young artists through participation in medium to long term projects
In December, a two-day event will be organized in Brescia, which will bring together all the artists in residence, for a discussion and an in-depth analysis of organizational and production issues.

6. Collaborate with High Schools and Universities
As part of the school-to-work alternation, the Center hosts students from Lombardy high schools for a first approach to the profession. In collaboration with Abba Ballini and Lunardi of Brescia, ITSOS Cernusco sul Naviglio, Einstein of Monza, Ntta, Polo Scolastico Niguarda and Liceo Brera of Milan.
With Universities and Academies we are working for a continuous comparison with the Catholic University (Milan and Brescia) for internships; Fine Arts Academy of Brera (Two-year Specialistic course of Scenography and Costume for the Performing Arts, Two-year Specialistic course of New Technologies of Art) for the project Imaginometic Society; Conservatory of Milan for the project Stockhausen; Civica Scuola di Teatro Paolo Grassi (see Call); Accademia Teatro alla Scala for the project with Ensemble Giorgio Bernasconi.

IntercettAzioni does not provide for the organization of performances, but rather for the possibility of setting up open rehearsals of the artists in residence: informal moments, demonstrations of work in progress. Only in some cases operators are invited and previews are organized. In case the company accepts the open rehearsal, this is conceived as a space of encounter and direct exchange with

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