Floor Robert/InQuanto teatro (IT)


25 May 2017 h. 20.30

“We are not free. We are locked inside our bodies. We are bound to our history. We are inevitably part of the past. We carry within us things that are no longer there. We accept this. But there remains the possibility of coming and going between what is real and what is fantasy. How much can we be influenced by this?”

Influenza is a show to look at like a picture book, letting the images transport you into an alternative world.

Memories, desires, fears, presences from the past, a mysterious yet familiar universe.
Floor Robert moves among these suggestions, retracing with his body events and situations, real or imaginary, hinting at and unravelling stories.


Accompanied, at times, by figures that seem to have come out of those stories. It is a journey inside a room, but you can suddenly find yourself in a meadow, in a forest, or in space. To see everything that does not exist but that, for this very reason, ultimately influences us.



a performance by inQuanto teatro | conceived and choreographed by Floor Robert | with Floor Robert, Giacomo Bogani, Francesco Michele Laterza | music by Manuele Atzeni | technique by Monica Bosso | costumes by Eva Sgrò | organisation and communication by Julia Lomuto | winner of the competition Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura | finalist of the show DNA Appunti Coreografici | with the support of Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea – Operaestate Festival Veneto, Romaeuropa Festival, Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, spazioK_kinkaleri, Sosta Palmizi, Samotracia/Associazione Punto A Capo, Teatri Sospesi, CS376.


Floor Robert was born in Haarlem, Holland, and now lives in Florence. She has worked as a performer with Kinkaleri, Compagnia Tardito-Rendina, Marco D’Agostin and Angela Antonini and with the Dutch companies NNT and Paradox. In 2010 she was awarded a special mention in the Premio Hystrio. She is co-author of the shows of inQuanto teatro and famigliafuchè, companies she helped to create. Since 2014 she has started her own independent creation process. inQuanto teatro is an artistic collective founded in Florence in 2010, which deals with performance, education and art in the public sphere. Its works are characterised by a multidisciplinary and dramaturgical approach that mixes media culture and literary tradition.

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