Post, il tempo delle domande

Il podcast di Q Code Magazine

Media partner of  POST, the theatre season, could only be Q code Magazine, an independent magazine that prefers multimedia. It is geopoetic, that is, it tells geopolitics through stories, it is an open place for those who have passion, competence and ability to say it, it is a quarterly paper magazine to return to a slow and thoughtful reading. It is resistant, stubborn and abrasive. It believes in collaboration and sharing between sister organizations. It is edited by Angelo Miotto and Christian Elia, and in its nine years of life has hosted hundreds of signatures from all over the world.

Post, il tempo delle domande is the name of the Q Code podcast for ZONA K .
We have chosen keywords, related to the shows of the season.
The audio essays are by Angelo Miotto.

Listen to the podcasts by clicking HERE


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