Panda Project


5 - 7 April 2013
h. 19.00

the evening continues with Mo.Lem (Movimento Libere Espressioni Metropolitane)


with Beatrice Cevolani, Hendry Proni and Delia Trice

If you are at the supermarket checkout you expect the cashier to be honest. Yet the trolley is full of packages on which there are pictures of a perfect product that you won’t find inside the boxes. And you know it.
If you are at a poker table you think bluffing is legal.
If you go to the theatre you think you’re sitting there listening to and watching people put on a show.
If you go to see a Panda Bluff instead? You don’t. Because first you will be a spectator, then a spectator, then an actor, then a participant, then something that doesn’t yet have a name because it’s pure avant-garde, or a bluff. We won’t tell you, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.

We were thinking of a show, a format was born: in Panda Bluff we take a subject, we dissect it, we shake up a bit the conventions of theatre and the convictions of the audience to try to show that enacting declared fictions, in some cases fictions, in some cases, is the only way to be true.


Panda Project are Hendry Proni, Beatrice Cevolani and Delia Trice. Three actors with different backgrounds (academic, performance, group theatre) have been working in theatres, festivals and squares for years, with various groups/companies (Koiné, ALDES-Roberto Castello, Teatro Due Mondi), collaborating and have collaborated with anyone who has given them prestige, space or money. Now they have decided to stay together for a while. Panda Project was born, followed by Panda’s Heart. “Maybe we thought we were old enough. Or maybe we were the right people. We don’t know exactly when this project was conceived, but we are sure it was a good moment. We didn’t look for it, it’s true, but we’ll never tell them that.”


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