snaporaz (IT)


26 - 29 October 2017
h. 18.00 - 21.00

A new maid is hired at Heartbreak Hotel. She only has to look after one room. Room 304. A guest arrives at Heartbreak Hotel. A blind woman who can hardly walk. No, she can’t. A desperate housewife. Actually, no, an aspiring dancer… What are they looking for? Who are they running from? What do they want? And above all, why do they have the same face? Room 304 is not the answer to any of these questions. It is a woman’s search for the missing question, the only question that can help her find her way through the labyrinth of mirrors of her own identity.

A woman in conflict with her own soul is given the chance to re-embrace herself. Here, too, the choice of ending is the guestʼs responsibility. The Heartbreak Hotel provides opportunities, not solutions. Salvation is the responsibility of the individual.

Heartbreak Hotel is a multidisciplinary project. The Hotel is the container for a series of creations. Each creation is a different room of Heartbreak Hotel and can take the form of a show, a performance, an installation, a comic book… The Hotel is the narrative frame in which the episodes are inserted, different in terms of the language experimented, content and narrative elements. For each room, snaporaz chooses to broaden its vision by contaminating itself with new artistic presences. The artists who approach Heartbreak Hotel have maximum freedom of expression, but are subject to a single, simple constraint: to relate to the materials produced by the collective and the previous rooms. This multifaceted architecture is nevertheless supported by a solid common foundation. All the rooms, despite the variety of languages, deal with the same broad theme: the courage to face pain, one’s own fears, anger. Thus, snaporaz aspires to give rise to a non-serial series. An oblique format, crossed by stories that investigate man’s confrontation with crisis. Not as a negative concept but as a necessary stage in an evolutionary path.

Only 5 spectators per performance.
Performance: h. 18.00 – 19.00 – 20.00 – 21.00 
c/o Hotel Garibaldi Area


from an idea by Gilda Deianira Ciao script by Noemi Bresciani with Noemi Bresciani and Gilda Deianira Ciao guides Fulvio Vanacore (aka the record producer) Matteo Salimbeni (aka the writer at the other end of the line)


snaporaz is a collective in progress, a multi-headed mutant, born from the encounter between Gilda Deianira Ciao, Matteo Salimbeni and Fulvio Vanacore. They work on the transformation of starting materials, contaminating visions, approaches, personalities. snaporaz inaugurated its path in 2015 with the project HeartbreakHotel: a format that feeds on each work phase, relaunching the outcomes of the previous episode and conveying different artists into a temporary collective intelligence.

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