Ant Hampton/Time Based Editions (UK/DE)


16 -17 May 2024 h. 19.30

Ottieni il biglietto

live collective experience | duration 80 min | in italian

c/o ZONA K, admission allowed after membership 2024
in collaboration with Ateatro

A talk with the author will be held at the end of the performance on Thursday 16 May.

Books and reading have changed and continue to change. The advent of digital, the rediscovery of orality and the audio dimension, and forms of participatory art are multiplying ‘ways of reading’ in new and innovative, yet ancient ways. Hybrid, performative, multimedia, transmedia forms are emerging… These transformations are reflected on the book as a physical object and on libraries as places of encounter and experience.

Starting from the experience of Borderline Visible, the author Ant Hampton and Stefano Parise, Director Area Biblioteche del Comune di Milano, will discuss these themes, moderated by lecturer and theatre and publishing expert Oliviero Ponte di Pino.

“Borderline Visible is probably DocLab’s most poetic work this year, but in all its simplicity it is also the most poignant.”– NRC Handelsblad

“an extremely engaging psychogeographical framework constantly enriched by Hampton’s searching mind and razor-sharp political rage.”– Marijn Lems, Theaterkrant

Winner of the IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) 2023 DocLab award for Creative Technologies

Ant Hampton presents the first in a new series of ‘live books’ – Time Based Editions – in which photographs and audio take you on a journey through the pages interweaving history, autobiography, literature and an urgent investigation into the hidden atrocities perpetuated on the margins of Europe.
Borderline Visible begins as a récit de voyage, a journey from Lausanne to Izmir undertaken by two artists and friends. In Greece, health problems force one of them to stop, while the other goes on to Turkey, suddenly remaining alone. The narrative turns into a moving and troubled psycho-geography. Moving from ‘we’ to ‘I’, from present to past, from the personal to the political, Ant Hampton attempts to give value and meaning to the all too human ruins of ambition, history and language. The careful process of recomposition gradually brings to light a complex constellation of Jewish history, the end of the Ottoman Empire and Sephardic diasporas, rumours, earthquakes, tourism and forced migration, mental health and dementia, swallows and TS Eliot’s The Waste Land.

In the collective experience, the spectators are invited to participate in this journey together, flipping back and forth through the pages of the book, comparing images, closing and opening their eyes, drawing lines on the maps with a finger, guided by an audio track that combines narration, music, field recordings and instructions on how to get through the book.

After the two collective appointments, Borderline Visible will be available for individual viewing in Italian, English, French and Dutch from 18 to 26 May (excluding Mondays) at 3.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. at Casa degli Artisti Milano. Tickets available soon.

By Ant Hampton Feedback David Bergé Book design Roland Brauchli Based on a project with Rita Pauls Music Perila, Oren Ambarchi Thanks to Pieter Ampe, Giorgos Antoniou, Sae Bosco and Samos Volunteers, Yannick Christian, Hani Dunia, Effi & Amir, Tim Etchells, Katy Fallon, Martin Hampton, Britt Hatzius, Leo Kay, LAPS, Camille Louis, Eva Neklyaeva, Beyhan Onur, Anelka Tavares, Prodromos Tsinikoris, Giulia de Vecchi, Anny Y

ITALIAN VERSION Translation Valentina Kastlunger Editing Valentina Picariello Voice Astrid Casali Recording Luca Ciffo Editing and sound Ant Hampton Thanks to Flora Pitrolo for proofreading and correcting the translation Produced by Quarantasettezeroquattro, Teatro Bastardo and ZONA K

Time Based Editions is an imprint of PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPANDED PUBLISHING ATHENS Created with the support of: The Resonance Foundation (Los Angeles) Bimeras (Istanbul / Berlin) Théâtre Vidy (Lausanne) Research and prototype support: Lita House of Production and Kundura Stage (Istanbul) National Theatre of Northern Greece (Thessaloniki)

More info – / instagram: @time_based_editions

Photo by Doc Lab

Ant Hampton (1975, DE/UK) is a British-German performance maker and writer. His work since 1999 has often involved guiding people through unrehearsed situations and interactive relations, using automated devices. His three collaborations with Tim Etchells are participative experiences for two at a time, combining audio with different engagements with the page: text and silent reading (The Quiet Volume, 2010); archive photography (Lest We See, 2015); and mark-making/ erasure (Not to Scale, 2020). In more recent years his practice has expanded into a wider investigation of risk-taking and leaps of faith, for example with The Thing – An Automatic Workshop in Everyday Disruption, created with Christophe Meierhans. These and many other of his “Autoteatro” works continue to tour internationally in over 80 language versions, some of them without anyone needing to travel – a paradoxical outcome for an art committed to liveness and presence which in turn informed his 2021 advocacy and research project: – an Atlas. Together with David Bergé, he co-founded Time Based Editions in 2023.

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