18 - 21 October 2023 h. 16.00

Urban walk for 20 participants only | Duration 270 min.

c/o Urban spaces*

“L’uomo che cammina ” (The walking man) is a landscape performance, a walking journey of about four hours for 20 spectators at a time. A figure, shadowy and elusive, strolls through the city. Through her journey, the landscape opens up and hides from the eyes of the audience, which follows at a distance, as if spying, poised between identification and detachment.

Starting from the graphic novel by Jiro Taniguchi, DOM- builds a dramaturgy of spaces to delve deeper and deeper into the tangle of the city, and let the living experience of walking become the pretext for a hand-to-hand with reality. The protagonist of the Milanese remake is the writer and playwright Antonio Moresco. Walking in his footsteps and following his figure from behind, the audience finds itself immersed in a phantasmagorical sequence plan. The spaces follow one another – a square, a station, a cathedral, a swamp, a wasteland, a motel, a swimming pool – and are interwoven with solitary writings and tales of nocturnal journeys.

After the original productions in 2018 and 2019, realised thanks to the collaboration between ZONA K and Danae festival, the project is now also offered in the English version for the international meeting (Un)Common Spaces.

a project by DOM- 
creation, dramaturgy and direction Leonardo Delogu, Valerio Sirna 
with Antonio Moresco 
and with Paola Galassi, Isabella Macchi, Achraf Saiklaroussi 
with the guidance of Sathya Nardelli
and with the participation of the students of ITSOS Albe Steiner
freely inspired by the comic strip of the same name by  Jiro Taniguchi L’uomo che cammina 
sound processing of the text “Camminare da solo di notte di Antonio Moresco” curated by Fabio Zuffanti 
with the voice of Gabriele Portoghese 
in the English version audioguide sound processing Lorenzo Danesin 
English translation of the texts  Richard Courtenay Dixon 
video project by di Studio Azzurro curated by Alberto Danelli, Alexey Demichev, Laura Marcolini, Martina Rosa 
co-production Sardegna Teatro e ZONA K, co-production 2018 and 2019 edition Teatro delle Moire  with the collaboration of Terzo Paesaggio 
thanks for the collaboration Museo del Novecento, Abbazia di Chiaravalle and Pizza 3 Corvetto.

Students of ITSOS Albe Steiner are Johan Boccalini, Alessandro Delbosio, Deva Diminutto Formiconi, Claudia Ghielietti, Aurora Gigliotti, Manuel Giuliano, Eleanna Marseglia, Giada Mura, Sam Nalgrati, Mariangela Valle.

*The starting location will be communicated by text message the day before the performance.
It will be necessary to give ZONA K your mobile phone number.
Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.
Walk not appropriate for persons with reduced mobility.

DOM- is a research project born in 2013 from the collaboration between artists Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna. DOM- investigates the language of performing arts, contaminating it with the militant approach of the Environmental Humanities and with the instances and imaginaries of feminist and queer ecologies. The research revolves around the relationship between bodies and territories, investigating the knot of permeability and observing how power, nature, culture and marginality interact in public space. DOM- constructs performance works, walks, gardens, texts, lectures and debates, audiovisual works, workshops, DJ sets and parties.
Antonio Moresco, Italian writer [Mantua, born 1947]. After completing a difficult apprenticeship of which he gives an account in Lettere a nessuno (1997), critically documenting the difficulty of emerging from the condition of being an underground writer and rejected by the Italian publishing world, in 1993 he published the collection of short stories Clandestinità (Clandestinity), in which the themes that substantiate his work are already present, rendered in a dry and hyperrealist style that increases its dramatic impact: that of loneliness, first and foremost, traversed by a dream dimension as estrangement from the self, which is accompanied by the recurring motif of a harried search for meaning that unravels through oblique and unstable paths. The core of Moresco's oeuvre revolves around the vast work Games of Eternity, written over a period of 35 years, consisting of Gli esordi (1998), Canti del caos (published in two volumes in 2001 and 2003) and Gli increati (2015). His other works include: La cipolla (1995), Lo sbrego (2005), Scritti di viaggio, di combattimento e di sogno (2005), Merda e luce (2007), La lucina (2013), Fiaba d'amore (2014), I randagi (2014), Piccola fiaba un po' da ridere e un po' da piangere (2015), L'addio (2016), Fiabe da Antonio Moresco (2017) and, both in 2018, L'adorazione e la lotta and Il grido.
Founder in 2003 of the blog Indian Nation, in 2005 he created the online and print magazine Il primo amore.

with the patronage and contribution of

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