Il Babau & i maledetti cretini


16 March 2015
h. 21.00

Freely adapted from E. A. Poe’s “Tales of Mystery and Terror”.

Il Babau & i maledetti cretini pays tribute to Poe by rereading, in the dim light of a cryptic and cultured rock, some of the darkest pages of the Tales of Mystery and Terror: The Truth about the Case of Mr.Valdemar and The Mask of the Red Death.

He thus gives life to a dark and engaging “Phonodrama”, a real sound translation of the tales. The result is a neurasthenic and suspenseful journey in which the spectator/listener is transported seamlessly through varied and always evocative soundscapes until the inevitable epilogue.

Damiano Casanova: electric guitar, keyboards; Franz Casanova: voice and keyboards

Il Babau &… is an artistic project suspended between music, theatre and literature founded by the Casanova brothers at the end of the last millennium. Leaving aside the song form, it reinvents phonodrama, an original musical and sound translation of literary tales with a marked propensity for the mysterious, the fantastic, the grotesque, the macabre and the bizarre.

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