Černobyl’: a catastrophe,
a point of departure and awareness. 

by Q Code Magazine

23 October 2019 h. 19.00

The new meeting organised in collaboration with Q Code Mag will focus on the Soviet nuclear disaster, now a real case of tourism after the success of the TV series in recent months.

This third chapter of the discussion will therefore alternate between the memories of those who have studied and travelled the roads of the contaminated areas, an analysis and stories of awareness that have managed to take off thanks to the horror of that disaster, including in clean energy, and a hint at the dramaturgical techniques of the TV series, because that success is an important lever for a healthy ecology.

Speakers will include:
Gianluca Ruggieri: environmental engineer from Insubria University and vice-president of ènostra
Gigi Donelli: Radio 24 journalist
Yarina Grusha: teacher of Ukrainian language and literature at UNIMI, translator.
At the time of the disaster, her mother was six months pregnant.


Moderator of the meeting: Angelo Miotto of Q Code Magazine

Free entrance

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