Spaces and Services: your event in ZONA K

ZONA K is an ideal location for:

  • Shows and exhibitions
  • Conferences and presentations
  • Dinners and events
  • Photoshoots and video shoots
  • Seminars and courses
  • Fashion shows and installations
  • Rehearsals and theatre plays

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ZONA K is born in the Isola district, thanks to the renovation of an old garage. It is a multifunctional space, designed using an innovative aesthetic to make it adaptable to different needs.

With a double access to the street, it is made of a broad open space of more or less 140 sq m. The entry and foyer give access to a bar, a double secondary room and a structured service area. The main space is characterized by a light parquet, white walls that can become black, day light that can be obscured and rich technical equipment. For these reasons ZONA K is a versatile space that can be adapted to the spirit and the ideas of the people who use it.

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Clients/ Gallery

SOURCE, fuorisalone 2018

VV ASS.NI MESSICANE, Community meetings– March 2017 until today

BNP PARIBAS LEASING SOLUTION, team building – April 2016 – July 2017

BNP PARIBAS CARDIF, team building – April 2016 – July 2017

FONDAZIONE LHS, Italy Love Security – 2016 – 2017


MOVIE CHROME, location for filminf– July, September 2015

MICHAEL MARGOTTA, seminars – from May 2015 until today

PASSAPAROLA, market handmade –  March 2015

VINITY, wine degustation – March 2015

CASAPASSseminar – March 2015

REOPLA, conference – February 2015

CAMERA DI COMMERCIO DI PRATO, 7th edition of Rethinking the Product – Dicember 2014

KREATIVA, market handmade –  November 2014

ADECCO, traning course  –  November 2014

CARREFOUR, traning course   –  October 2014

ROCKWOOL, organization of traning course   –  2013, 2014

WITHSTAND Film, producition adv Valentino Rock Runner – June 2013

AIGAM, National traning course   – from October 2012 until today

STAGED HOMES, conference and traning course  from 2012 until today

MF ARCHITETTI, course scketch Up–  Septembre/December 2012

KELLOGG’S, product presentation – November 2012

REDAZIONE ITALIA ARTE, collective art exhibition – May 2012

CARROUSEL Le Marché + Les Ateliers, selfproduction market– years 2011/2012

POP ME UP, Contest – May/June 2011

FORMA DEL TEMPO, teambuilding for BANCAINTESA – April 2011

WINARTS, presents Disegna la luce – March 2011

ATELIER VOSTOK, laboratory– Dicember 2010

CASA KINECT per MICROSOFT, presentation Kinect for Xbox – October/November 2010

ALEXIA,  videoclip STARS – July 2010 Guarda il video

JAMESPLUMB, From this day forward – Fuorisalone April 2010

CANTINA DEI TALENTI, Smart management for Accenture – February 2010

DISNEY-MOVER, press conference for UP – January 2010






Technical sheet

Standard equipment

Ground floor with place to load/unload
Wooden floors, white walls with black velvet curtain if needed
Internet connection with optical fiber and wireless station
Room lights: built-in-appliances (neon hot) + halogen lamp

Available power without when conditioning is off: 30kw
Tech room: 4 sockets CEE 380V-32A, 5-pole

9 sockets CEE 220V-16A and 6 wall sockets CEE 380V-16A
Double director station (In mezzanine and end of the room)
Predisposition for audio installation with 6 speaker stations
Predisposition for ceiling busbars

36 ceiling dimmer plug and 9 dimmer plug on the wall

Double director station (In mezzanine and end of the room)
Predisposition for audio installation with 6 speaker stations
Predisposition for ceiling busbars

Optional equipment:
Video projector: EPSON EB-FH52 and Optoma H112E

Dedicated audio installation:
2 power units (amplifiers) CROWNS XLS 802
4 stand speakers HK AUDIO PRO 12
2 active speakers LD SYSTEM MOD LDEB122A
1 audio mixer SPIRIT M12
3 radio microphones HANDSET AKG WMS450HT/D5
3 radio microphones HEADSET
1 handheld microphone
3 microphone poles

Dedicated light installation:
4 ceiling stage lighting truss
4 dimmer 6 channels
1 mixer 24 channels Botex DC-2448

  • 10 headlights PC of 1000W
  • 7 headlights PC of 500W
  • 6 PAR 60
  • 2 profile spotlight ETC 750W
  • 4 DOMINO of 1000W
  • 10 super fireflies 24