Babilonia Teatri (IT)


21 - 22 May 2019
h. 20.00

A point of excellence in the Italian scene of theatrical research, Babilonia Teatri arrive in Milan with a new creation, a sort of concert through which they manage to pass dense content and full of rebellion. The repeated word that tells the disenchantment for an (im)perfect world, unmistakable feature of the company, is shaped mainly in songs, specially written on the notes of Lorenzo Scuda (Oblivion), building a show where music and theater contaminate and dialogue in an uninterrupted and whirling.

Calcinculo is a show where words take the shape of music. Where music takes the shape of words. We live in an obsessive time that words and images are no longer able to tell by themselves, music comes to the rescue like a medicine or an explosive fuse.

Calcinculo is a show that wants to photograph our today. His perversions and his escapes from himself. His inability to imagine a future, to dream it, to strive towards an ideal, to believe. With this show the Babilonia tell the world around us with their sharp, painful and ironic look.


Show –  in Italian


By and with: Enrico Castellani and Valeria Raimondi Music: Lorenzo Scuda Stage direction: Luca Scotton Sound engineer: Luca Scapellato Production: Babilonia Teatri, La Piccionaia centro di produzione teatrale Co-production: Operaestate Festival Veneto Scenes Babilonia Teatri Production 2018. Thanks to Ana Valli Grandi Choir and Cuore Husky rescue


Babilonia Teatri is one of the most innovative companies in the contemporary theater scene, distinguishing itself for a language that is variously defined as pop, rock, punk. It has imposed itself on the Italian scene for its irreverent and divergent look at today’s world. Babilonia Teatri has won numerous awards over the years In addition to the main Italian cities, the company’s shows have been hosted numerous times abroad, from France to Germany, from Austria to Hungary, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Croatia, from Colombia to Russia. Enrico Castellani and Valeria Raimondi, founders of the company in 2006, are the Artistic Directors of Babilonia Teatri. Playwrights, authors, directors and actors, Castellani and Raimondi are based in Verona. Lorenzo Scuda from 1999 to 2003 studies Musical at the BSMT of Bologna and from there he participates first as musician/orchestral and then as actor and singer in several productions, the most important is Jesus Christ Superstar with the Compagnia della Rancia in the role of Pilate. In 2002 he founded Oblivion. He is author and co-author of the lyrics, arranger and composer of all their productions. They debuted in November 2018 with their first original musical: La Bibbia riveduta e scorretta, directed by Giorgio Gallione. Since 2009 he has been working mainly for Oblivion, also dedicating himself to the activity of teacher for musical courses and seminars for theatrical improvisers throughout Italy.

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