Roger Bernat/FFF
e Qui E Ora (ES/IT)


22 - 23 September 2023 h. 20.00

Participatory performance

at Magnete – via Adriano 107, Milan

In LA SCELTA (THE CHOICE) the public is called to experiment work mechanisms of an artistic direction: visualise, discuss, operate the choice. A real challenge, in which one finds themselves immersed, a fiction which produces effects on the reality of one’s city. 
Roger  Bernat has been for 6 months spectator of different artistic directions participated by the “Rete Risonanze”. From this came a work which reproduces, witnesses and prevaricates about this experience, telling another possibility of carrying out cultural programming, where people speak for themselves. 

Project by Roger Bernat, with the dramaturgy of Roberto Fratini and Marie-Klara Gonazález, with the participation of Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini, Josephine Magliozzi e Laura Valli, programming and technical care Stefano Colonna and Txalo Toloza, graphics Marie-Klara Gonazález, creative transcription of the registrations of the tour following the artistic directions of Elena Bernardi and Pina Rocco, production and curation Qui e Ora in coproduction with Capotrave – Infinito e Kilowatt Festival, with the support of Risonanze Network and the MIC, thank you to Stronger Peripheries

With the collaboration and images of: Catalina (Iniciativa Sexual Femenina), Les Vedettes (Marta Galán), Grandissima Illusione (Cris Blanco), The Watching Machine (Macarena Recuerda), Aquelles que no han de morir (Las Huecas), Figures (Germana Civera), It don’t worry me (Atresbandes + Bertrand Lesca & Nasi Voutsas), Los figurantes (Ça Marche) e Tierras del Sud (Azkona/Toloza).
And the cooperation of: Agnès Mateus e Quim Tarrida, Agrupación Señor Serrano, Alessandra García, Animal Religion, Baró d’Evel, Brodas Bros, Cabosanroque, Col·lectiu VVAA, David Espinosa, El Conde de Torrefiel, Joan Català, Jordi Oriol, Juana Dolores, Malpelo, Marcel·lí Antúnez, La Veronal, Nao Albet e Marcel Borràs, Núria Guiu, Nyam-nyam, Pere Faura, Quim Bigas, Societat Doctor Alonso e Soren Evinson.

Roger Bernat is a Catalan director, after having started his studies in architecture and painting, he studies dramaturgy and directing at the Institut del Teatre di Barcellona. IN 2008 he founds Roger Bernat/FFF and starts creating performances in which the public takes the stage and becomes the protagonist. «The spectators pass across a piece which invites them to obey or to conspire, and in any case to pay with their own body and make an effort». The firs parcipitatoru performance is Domini Public (2008), followed by the others Please ontinue (Hamlet)(2011), Pendiente de voto (2012) We need to talk (2015), No se registrar conversations de interés (2016-17) and The place of the Thing (2017), Flam (2019), ENA (2020), Desnonissea (2021), PIM PAM(2021) or Terra Baixa (2022). Roger Bernat utilises theatrical instruments to built collective dramatisations in which, like every community, the public is the one which has the difficult job of getting themselves in action. These parcititatory dramatisations confuse the roles of the actor and spectator and present the public with an experience of doubt. While his projects have been presented predominantly in theatrical contexts, in the last decade his pieces have been produced by institutions like Documenta Kassel or the Biennale di San Paolo.

Qui e Ora is a production company constituted by artists originating from diverse experiences but joined by the same poetic vision. It works on a autographic dramaturgy and loves confronting and collaborating with other artists to give life to the their works, in a crossbreeding of languages and outlooks. In 2007 on territory of the Bergamo province, along with the project Être –  Esperienze Teatrali di Residenza was born, composition in national and international setting with production of shows, organisation or reviews, laboratory curations. Qui e Ora is the theatre that talks about the present, which tries to construct imaginary collectibles and give force to contradictions with an ironic look. Since 2012 in the Bergamo province Qui e Ora realises an artistic and cultural project which brings the territory and its citizens – through laboratories, inquiries, reviews and theatre festivals – at the centre of the artistic experimentation and the creation of cultural products. In 2015 he founds the Granaio, a hospitality project in artist residences beside an ex restructured barn. In 2018 Qui e Ora is recognised by MIBAC as “theatrical innovatory production business”. 

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