This is the era of the “globalization of the world”, with a single worldwide market. The capitalization success on a global scale affirms that such a big economic revolution never existed.

However this system needs to take in consideration the three problematic phenomena that it may bring: inequity, instability and the environmental cost. These consequently may bring to an ecology crisis, globalization, consumes and social inequality.

According to the capacity or incapacity to get to a solution of the three critical factors, however, it seems incontrovertible that economic growth is a prerequisite to reach a more equal income distribution, given a stability to the system and a full respect for the environment.

“How would you then favor an economic growth that is both durable and sustainable?”

In 2018 the Nobel Prize for the Economy was assigned to Nordhaus and Romer, for their studies that highlight a strong relationship between macroeconomic trends, climate change and new technology. They also bring to the light the contradictions in the capitalism paradigm, underlining the necessity of political decisions in the long hall.

In 2019, with our seasonal theater, we decided to aim our goal into the economic world, to all access and distortion caused by money, to the society influenced by it, to the rebellious and victimized environment, to the technological innovation producing both economic development and social implosions.

ECONOMY is our answer to a complicated science of development models we superficially know and to a present moving so fast we can’t keep up with.

Four focuses, MONEY, SOCIETY, ECOLOGY and TECHNOLOGY. These are four aspects that we retain to be closely related to the interpretation of international artists and Italians that, like us, do not stop questioning the present.

In addition, the year 2019 strengthens the collaborations with numerous urban realities. A further confirmation of the strong necessity for a shared cultural economy. Therefore, the relationships between Teatro delle Moire/Danae Festival, Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, Teatro Franco Parenti, Stanze – esperienze di teatro d’appartamento, Olinda/TeatroLaCucina, Stratagemmi/Prospettive Teatrali, Laboratorio Lapsus, mare culturale urbano e Fattoria Vittadini are confirmed.




Yan Duyvendak,
Nicolas Cilins & Nataly Sugnaux Hernandez (CH)

“Is someone willing to do something? And what?¨

ACTIONS gives shape to an ideal democratic meeting where refugees, political figures and volunteers can express themselves, with the goal of responding with effective and direct actions that can involve every single individual. ACTIONS cannot be defined as a show. It is more a scenic device in the form of a documentary that involves the spectators in order to respond to the violence and the urgency of our political reality. It brings back the role of the theatre as a forum within the city life. It is an experience from which you will not leave indifferent.


ACTIONS is a cooperation projects involving:

  • 4 associations from Milan: ASSPI, Black Panthers, Farsi Prossimo e ASNADA
  • 4 refugees: Keita Thei, Jallow Sulay, Noori Abdul Jawad, Ali Dashti Bahiat
  • 1 representative of the department of social politics of Milan
  • 1 representative of ASGI, l’Avv. Luce Bonzano referent of ASGI Lombardia
  • 2 giornalists to keep the debate coherent: Christian Elia, codirettore del Q CODE MAGAZINE e Carla Chelo, ex giornalista de L’Unità


ACTIONS explores the migration crisis, concentrating on ‘here and now’ and dealing with the theme of exclusion and the relationships that exist between art, activism and social changes in a moment in time in which the values of the European democracies are dissolving.


, Via F. Confalonieri, 14, 20124 Milano 
In Italian – Duration 140 min. ca.



Ideazione: Nicolas Cilins & Yan Duyvendak & Nataly Sugnaux HernandezProduzione Dreams Come True, Genève Coproduction La Bâtie-Festival de Genève; far° Festival des Arts Vivants, Nyon Marche Teatro/Inteatro Festival – Ancona, Pour-cent culturel Migros Con il sostegno di République et canton de Genève; Ville de Genève; Pro Helvetia – fondation suisse pour la culture; crédit de la Confédération destiné à l’intégration, Fondation meyrinoise du Casino, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Fondation Leenaards, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Bureau de l’intégration des étrangers BIE, Fondation JTI, fondation sesam, Ville de Versoix, Ville de Bernex, Ville de Satigny, Fondation suisse des artistes interprètes – SIS, Loterie Romande, CORODIS; Ringrazimanenti: Daniela Almansi, les Amis de La Bâtie, Patrick Falconnet, Christophe Girod e Katia Zenger – Hospice Général Genève, Cie Gilles Jobin, Théâtre de l’Usine

Roger Bernat/FFF (ES)

“A show that should be mandatory for all MBA’s and the party congress” [Bernat Puigtobella, Nuvol]


The THEATRE is transformed in a PARLIAMENT with political colors that are still undefined, whilst the spectators, equipped with a remote with which they can vote, become the representatives. What will happen if suddenly, in absence of an effective power, the role of speech goes back to being political.

Maybe the last resort of real politics is that of a total absence of power. Pendiente de voto is a show that tries to be that last resort. It is not a false version of a parliamentary debate, but a real version of the actual false debate. Not a fictitious politics but a make-believe politics: authentic politicians against real politicians or true politics against every form of realpolitik. Immersive theatre? Or maybe more emergency theatre…

A political humoristic reflection that faces the mechanisms of power in democracies and the totalitarian thinking in communities. A reflection on the word ‘citizenship’ and on participatory democracy, that can only make us think of the next political elections.



In italian – Duration 140 min. ca.



di Roger Bernat. Drammaturgia: RobertoFratini. Dati visuals: Mar Canet. Dati dispositivi and software: Jaume Nualart. Musica: “The Sinking of the Titanic” di Gavin Bryars, PatchWorks, etc. Sound design: Juan Cristobal Saavedra. Luci: Ana Rovira. Assistente e direzione tecnica: Txalo Toloza. Stagegraphic design: Marie-Klara González. Effetti speciali: Programming assistants: Pablo Argüello, David Galligani e Chris Hager. Consulenti ai contenuti: Oscar Abril Ascaso e Sonia Andolz. Producer: Helena Febrés Fraylich.  Ringraziamenti: David Cauquill, Raquél Gomes, Marcela Prado e Magda Socias. Coordinamento: Helena Febres. Una coproduzione di Centro Dramático Nacional (Madrid), FundacióTeatre Lliure/Festival NEO and Elèctrica Produccions (Barcelona) with Manège de Reims-Scène Nationale/Reims Scènes d’Europe, Manège de Mons/CECN, TechnocITé in the Transdigital project supported by the european program Interreg IV. Foto: BLENDA

Roger Bernat –