Riserva Canini Teatro

the evening continues with ORLANDO-ORLANDO


imagined and created by Marco Ferro and Valeria Sacco
with Valeria Sacco
lighting design Andrea Narese
sound design Stefano De Ponti
original music Luca Mauceri, Stefano De Ponti, Eleonora Pellegrini
technical advice Sergio Bernasani
a Riserva Canini Teatro production
with the support of Festival Immagini dell’Interno of Pinerolo (TO), Festival Giardino delle Esperidi (LC), Rete Teatrale Aretina (AR) Teatro Gioco Vita (PC), and Théâtre Gérard Philipe de Frouard – Scène conventionnée pour les arts de la marionnette et les formes animées (Nancy – France)

On stage, a lone actress with a human-sized marionette that she animates herself. But the puppet abandoned in the arms of the puppeteer suddenly wakes up, and we discover that it is a human creature, breathing, looking, living. Yet the performer is only one, so the spectator begins to lose himself and then slowly understand that not only is what he thought was a marionette alive, but that what he thought was alive is actually animated. And, following the story, in its questioning of the true nature of the two protagonists, they find themselves questioning the very concept of life.

TalitaKum is born from a vision, complex and at the same time linear, as certain afternoon dreams are. It is a show that has no words, but there is a story. And we have brought it to life by following the route of a journey that resembles a fever, a fainting spell, one of those moments when energy runs out and gets confused within our incomprehensible boundaries.

Riserva Canini was founded in 2004 and is based in Florence and Milan. The artistic direction is entrusted to Marco Ferro and Valeria Sacco, who are also the founders. 
However, each individual project involves various artists and technicians. The company has so far collaborated on various productions with organisations such as Teatro Metastasio in Prato, Teatro Comunale in Castiglionfiorentino, Scarlattine Teatro in Lecco, Festival Immagini dell’Interno in Pinerolo, Teatro Comunale in Pieve S. Stefano, Teatro Giocovita in Piacenza, Pim Spazio Scenico, Teatro Laboratorio Mangiafuoco, Outis and CRT in Milan.
In opera, he worked with AsLiCo for the productions of Rigoletto and Hansel and Gretel and with the Festival della Val d’Itria for Gianni di Parigi.
 Riserva Canini has had collaborations and residencies abroad with the Théatre Gerard Philipe in Frouard (Nancy), the International Institute of Puppetry in Charleville Mezieres and the Centre School of Speech and Drama in London.


PLAY K(ei) is also 0-99