Lola Arias (AR)


24 November 2018 h. 20.00

“My Documents is a work on failure” Lola Arias


My Documents is the result of the workshop conducted by Lola Arias with a group of Italian artists, which takes its cue from the cycle of conference-shows of the same name where artists from different fields talk about their research, an experience they have lived in a radical way and a story that haunts them.

On stage there will only be the artist with his notes: a way of bringing to light the kind of research that is often lost in an unnamed folder in a computer.

This kind of lecture-performance was created in the 1960s by Joseph Beuys and Robert Smithson, a way of turning a speech into a work of art. In recent years, this format has proliferated in theatre, dance and visual arts, becoming one of the modes of conceptual theatre. Artists such as Rabih Mroué, Tim Etchells and Jérôme Bel have reinvented the genre, making these non-academic lectures a way to present and talk about research and experience.


Conceived and edited by Lola Arias Production by Luz Algranti Technical direction by Marcos Medici

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