(Af)founded on the economy?

by Q Code Magazine

14 May 2019 h. 19.00

Ten years of crisis, 40 years of neoliberal policies: our societies are divided, fractured, without a clear vision of the future.
Is it then possible to build an economic thought that will make us re-emerge from the apnea of social injustice and environmental degradation?


Clara Capelli – Development economist and expert on the Middle East and North Africa. She has work and research experience in Tunisia, Lebanon and Palestine. She currently works in Jerusalem.

Valeria Verdolini – Researcher at the University of Milan, sociologist of law and activist, she is president of Antigone Lombardia. Inside and outside the University, she has dealt with processes of: democratization, social movements, Arab Springs, prison, security policies, migration, criminal justice, feminism. Among the founders of cheFare, project manager and creator of Rosetta, she collaborates with us in the conception and cultural planning of many initiatives.

Moderator: Christian Elia – co-director of Q Code Mag

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